Auto Racing Gallery and Events Attended
Listed below are events I have attended to date. The underlined link to photo galleries showing my images.
(ES) = Eldora Speedway; Rossburg, Ohio
(LRP) = Lime Rock Park; Lakeville, Connecticut
(MO) = Mid-Ohio Sport Car Course, Lexington, Ohio
(NJMP) = New Jersey Motorsports Park; Millville, New Jersey
(OSC) = Ohsweken Speedway, Ontario, Canada
(OS) = Oswego Speedway; Oswego, New York
(OLS) = Outlaw Speedway; Dundee, New York
(WGI) = Watkins Glen International; Watkins Glen, New York

Andy Granatelli Exhibit,
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Concours in the Hills,
Fountain Park, Arizona
Penn Can Speedway,
Susquehanna, PA
Sock Out Cancer Car Parade,
Binghamton, NY
Bethel Motor Speedway
Bethel, NY
Skyline Raceway
Cortland, NY
Five Mile Point Speedway
Kirkwood, NY
Deren Jack Racing Enterprises
Carbondale, PA

IMSA 6 Hour (WGI) NASCAR (WGI) Freedom Motorsports Park,
Delevan, NY
Skyline Raceway,
Cortland, New York
Bethel Motor Speedway,
Bethel, NY
Deren Jack Racing Enterprises
Carbondale, PA
Hilton Apple Fest Auto Show, Hilton, NY The Bull Ring, Perry, NY
2016 SCCA Awards Meeting New York Inl. Auto Show NYC IMSA 6 Hour (WGI)
Little Speed Shop, Cars and Coffee (4X) Rochester Corvette Club Car, Brockport Supermodified (OS)
Drive The Glen (WGI) (2X) Local Dirt Series at (Genesee Speedway) World of Outlaws (OSC)
Rochester Corvette Club Car, St Judes NASCAR (WGI) Hilton 4th Classic Wheels on Main Street
6th Annual Hot Rods for Hospice IndyCar (WGI) SVRA (WGI)
2017 Grand Prix Festival (WGI) VRG as Car Crew Member (WGI) World of Outlaws, Ransomville Speedway
Empire Super Sprints (OLS) World of Outlaws (Weedsport Speedway) IndyCar Firestone Tire Test (WGI)
IMSA 6 Hour (WGI) IndyCar (WGI) SVRA (WGI)
2016 Grand Prix Festival (WGI) Rochester Corvette Club Car, St Judes Little Speed Shop, Cars and Coffee
SVRA (Indianapolis Speedway)
Aston Martin GT4 Challenge (WGI) Radical Cup USA (WGI) US GT Championship (WGI)
Whelen US TimeTrial Champ (WGI) SVRA (Indianapolis Speedway) SCCA Major (WGI)
World of Outlaws (Eldora Speedway) World of Outlaws (ES) Knight Before World of Outlaws (ES) Kings Royal
World of Outlaws (Fulton Speedway) Supermodified (Oswego Speedway)
Grand-Am 6-hour (WGI) ALMS (Mosport) World of Outlaws (Rolling Wheels)
Trans-Am (WGI) NASCAR (WGI) US Vintage GP (WGI)
Supermodified Championship (OS) SB Supermodified (OS) NEMA Lites Midgets (OS)
SVRA 1 (Sebring) Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) ALMS  (LRP)
NASCAR Last Lap Turn 10 (WGI) SVRA (WGI)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) Mobil 1 Seat Swap  (WGI)
F2000 June (WGI) F1600 June (WGI) Continental Tire Challenge  (WGI)
ALMS  (Mosport) F2000  (Mosport) Star Mazda  (Mosport)
IMSA Lights  (Mosport) Canadian Touring Car  (Mosport) Porsche GT3 Cup  (Mosport)
ALMS  (MO) IndyCar  (MO) IMSA GT3 Cup  (Mosport)
USF2000  (MO) Pirelli World Challenge  (MO) IMSA Lights  (MO)
Grand-Am  (WGI) NASCAR  (WGI) Nationwide  (WGI)
ALMS  (Baltimore Grand Prix) IndyCar  (Baltimore Grand Prix) Indy Lights  (Baltimore Grand Prix)
USF2000  (Baltimore Grand Prix) Star Mazda  (Baltimore Grand Prix) F2000  (WGI)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) Otto Linton at Seneca Lodge F2000  (WGI)
Continental Tire Series  (WGI) IndyCar  (WGI) SCCA World Challenge  (WGI)
Ford Mustang Challenge  (WGI) Indy Lights  (WGI) NASCAR  (WGI)
ALMS  (LRP) F2000  (LRP) IMSA Lights  (LRP)
ALMS  (Mosport) Miata MX-5 Cup  (Mosport) Star Mazda  (Mosport)
World of Outlaws  (Williams Grove) IMSA Lights  (Mosport) Nationwide  (WGI)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) NASCAR  (WGI) Nationwide  (WGI)
IndyCar  (WGI) Indy Lights  (WGI) IMSA Lights  (LRP) & (Mosport)
ALMS  (LRP) Atlantics  (LRP) Formula BMW  (LRP)
ALMS  (Mosport) Atlantics  (Mosport) Formula BMW  (Mosport)
Star Mazda  (Mosport) Grand Prix Fest  (WGI) SVRA  (WGI)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) IndyCar  (WGI) Indy Lights  (WGI)
ALMS  (MO) IndyCar  (MO) Indy Lights  (MO)
New York to Paris Centennial Grand Prix Fest Watkins Glen SVRA  (WGI)
Champ Car  (Las Vegas) Atlantics  (Las Vegas) Historic GP  (Las Vegas)
Champ Car  (Long Beach) Atlantics  (Long Beach)
Champ Car  (Cleveland) Atlantics  (Cleveland) Mazda MX5 Cup  (Cleveland)
Champ Car  (Toronto) Atlantics  (Toronto) Star Mazda  (Toronto)
ALMS  (MO) IndyCar  (MO) Indy Lights  (MO)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) Grand Prix Fest Watkins Glen SVRA  (WGI)
Champ Car  (Cleveland) Atlantics  (Cleveland) FF2000  (Cleveland)
Champ Car  (Toronto) Atlantics  (Toronto) FF2000  (Toronto)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) IndyCar  (WGI) SVRA  (WGI)
Champ Car  (Cleveland) Atlantics  (Cleveland) Trans-Am  (Cleveland)
Champ Car  (Toronto) Atlantics  (Toronto) Trans-Am  (Toronto)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) Grand-Am Cup  (WGI) IndyCar  (WGI)
Historic GP  (WGI) SVRA  (WGI) IndyCar Test Day  (WGI)
Z-Car International Convention Russell Jaslow at Watkins Glen
Champ Car  (Cleveland) Atlantics  (Cleveland) Trans-Am  (Cleveland)
Champ Car  (Toronto) Atlantics  (Toronto) Trans-Am  (Toronto)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) Grand-Am (August)  (WGI) HSR  (WGI)
NASCAR  (WGI) SVRA  (WGI) IndyCar  (Nazareth)
USAC Silver Crown  (Nazareth) USAC Sprint Car  (Nazareth) USAC Midget Car  (Nazareth)
24 Hour of Le Mans
Working with the Intersport Racing Team
NASCAR Media Day  (WGI)
Champ Car  (MO) Atlantics  (MO) Trans-Am  (MO)
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) Grand-Am Cup  (WGI) SVRA  (WGI)
Champ Car  (MO) Barber-Pro  (MO) SCCA Pro Rally  (Wellsboro)
Champ Car  (Miami) ALMS  (Miami) Trans-Am  (Miami)
ALMS  (Mosport) CF1600  (Mosport) Grand Island Sesquicentennial
Grand-Am 6-hour  (WGI) GA Media Day  (WGI) HSR  (WGI)
IndyCar  (Nazareth) One Lap of America  (Rochester, NY) SVRA  (WGI)
USAC Silver Crown  (Nazareth) USAC Sprint Car  (Nazareth) USAC Midget Car  (Nazareth)
Champ Car  (MO) ALMS  (MO) Trans-Am  (MO)


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